Welcome to The Mink Chair!  My name is Lee and I am so happy you stopped in today. 

Like many of you I have always loved do it yourself projects .  I've tried my hand at many DIY's, but so far my favorite is my Mink Chair.  Using a family heirloom chair and mink stoles handed down from my mom and grandmother,  I created a very special keepsake for our home not to mention a great conversation piece! 

I also love fixin' up my place!  I started out painting the walls, then cabinetry and finally the furniture in my home. Bringing new life to old furniture is exciting for me; I love it!  That love led me to start my own business recently; painting furniture to sell  and opening two shops in local antique malls. My customers like to have unique pieces in their homes and many of them like to do their own work.  I like to use chalk paint when I paint furniture because (I'm lazy) I like not having to do prep work before painting.  So when I found an affordable chalk paint and one I loved to use, I just had to have it for my customers.  Why should you use Websters instead of any other chalk paint?  Because Websters Chalk Paint Powder can be added to ANY latex paint in the color of your choice!  A little goes a long way and because you can mix up small batches at a time you'll no longer have quarts (drying up) around the house.  I use the one cup tester sizes from Lowes and Home Depot.  They are inexpensive and most pieces of furniture will only need one or two cups. 

You will find all of your chalk paint product needs right here at The Mink Chair.  But if you happen to be in the North Texas area, I hope you will visit my Websters retail location at The Antique Gallery in Lewisville or my other shop at The Antique Gallery in Denton.